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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions – and we've got answers. Whether you're curious about Serenity Closets products, or how design and installation work, you've come to the right place.


How do I design my space?

The Serenity Closets online design tool makes it simple. All you need are the measurements of your space or you can get started with one of our sample designs. Use the drop down menus to choose a configuration for each section in your design, select a color and a style, and add accessories to meet your storage needs and complement your home. Click on the “Help” button to see step-by-step directions to guide you from start to finish. Should you have any questions about your design, we're here to help at 844.408.1920.

What options are available to customize my space?

You can get creative with all kinds of ways to customize your space including hanging rods, shelves, shoe shelves, drawers, doors, hutches, baskets, racks and more. Preconfigured options make it simple to design your space to fit your storage needs. Choose from six colors, four drawer and door styles, and eight knob or handle styles to coordinate with your home.

What is the difference between a wall-mounted and a floor-based system?

Select from a wall-mounted (hanging) system with open space underneath or a floor-based system that covers more of the wall.

A wall-mounted system hangs on durable steel rail that you attach to studs in your wall. Because it is up and off of the floor, you won't need to cut or remove your baseboard moldings which can save time during installation. Choose a Serenity Closets wall-mounted system for your closets, garage, laundry room or entryway. Pantry is not available as a wall-mounted system.

A floor-based system provides added storage and creates a finished, built-in look. Choose a Serenity Closets floor-based system for your closets, pantry, or entryway. Garage and laundry room are not available as a floor-based system. Note: Floor-mounted systems will require the removal or cutting of your baseboard moldings for installation.

Why is the top shelf at 84 inches?

Serenity Closets systems use a standard top shelf height of 84 inches (7 feet). This is based on a typical ceiling height of 96 inches (8 feet) and leaves 12 inches (1 foot) of usable shelf space the full length of the top shelf in your space.


How durable is Serenity Closets?

Our sturdy systems are designed to support up to 1,200 pounds per 8 foot section when properly designed and installed.

What is the product material?

Serenity Closets organization systems use high quality, 3/4" thick commercial grade composite panels.The surface is a durable thermally fused laminate and the panels are certified to meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 standards.

How deep are your units?

All Serenity Closets wall-mounted systems are 14" deep. The floor-based systems are available with 14” depths, and some configuration options for walk-in spaces are available with 24” depths. Hutches are 14” deep at the top and 19” deep at the bottom.

Are the organization systems adjustable?

Adjustable shelves, which rest on pins, and hanging rods can be moved easily up or down without tools. Fixed shelves lock into place with cam and bolt connectors and can be moved easily with just a screwdriver. It's also simple to move or add accessories at any time to your system after it is installed.

Ordering and Shipping

How much does an Serenity Closets custom closet or home organization system cost?

Because Serenity Closets systems are customized for your space and storage needs, the pricing can vary based on size, configuration, style, color and other options. Pricing is updated automatically in the design tool, making it easy to plan your space to fit within your budget.

How do I place an order for my Serenity Closets organization system?

After your design is complete, click on “Buy It Now” to order your Serenity Closets organization system online. You will be prompted to create an account if you have not already done so. If you have questions about your order, please contact Customer Service at 844.408.1920 during business hours.

If I order my Serenity Closets organization system today, when will it ship?

Serenity Closets systems are made to order in just three business days! Orders placed before 12 am Eastern Time will be shipped on the third business day from our facility in Holland, MI. Orders are shipped via UPS or another standard freight carrier. Shipping times will vary depending on the carrier and your location.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Your Serenity Closets system is custom made to your specifications and production begins immediately after your order is received. Because of the custom nature of each order, they cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time.

Can I order individual parts?

Should you have questions about modifying your organization system after it has been installed, please contact Customer Service at 844.408.1920 during business hours.


What tools will I need to install a Serenity Closets system?

The typical installation requires the use of a tape measure, drill and drill bits, #2 Phillips screwdriver, hacksaw and level. Other tools which may be helpful for some installations include a stud finder, step ladder, hammer or mallet, Offset #2 Phillips Screwdriver, and a square.

Is there any cutting involved as part of the installation?

All Serenity Closets panels, shelving, and hanging rods are precut to the sizes in the designs you order to make installation simple. The only items you will need to cut are the steel rail (the first step of your installation) and the plastic rail cover (the last step of your installation). Both are cut easily with your hacksaw.

How high should I hang the rail?

We recommend that you hang the rail 76" from the floor. This will put the top shelves 84" from the floor. This height can be adjusted up or down a couple of inches according to your specific needs.

Can a Serenity Closets system be installed onto concrete walls or walls with steel studs?

Serenity Closets systems can be mounted to concrete walls similar to the method used for regular sheetrock walls. The only difference is that we require the use of blue Tapcon masonary screws instead of the regular black track screws that are used with sheetrock. If you have steel studs, you will use the toggle bolts instead of track screws. Please select your Wall Type during the design process, specifying that your system will be mounted to concrete or steel studs, and the appropriate screws or bolts will be included with your order.

Do I have to attach anything to my walls with the Serenity Closets system?

The vertical panels do not attach to the side walls. The wall-mounted systems hang on a durable steel rail that you attach to studs in your wall. Both wall-mounted and floor-based systems are anchored to the back wall with L-brackets.

What are Cam shelves?

Cam shelves are fixed shelves that lock into place with included cam and bolt connectors. They stabilize your system and can be adjusted after installation with a Philips screwdriver.

Once installed, how do I clean my Serenity Closets organization system?

You can clean your Serenity Closets system by wiping with a damp cloth. Citrus-based, spray adhesive cleaners also work well.

For details on any of the above, please see Serenity Closets installation instructions.

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